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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dear Sarah, PART 2.

Just for those of you that don't have a facebook account - Sarah, Nathan - I thought I'd let you guys know about the Rolling Hills Water park trip.
This is straight off of the even on facebook, so, not my words.
"Everybody from marching band is invited. And we mean EVERYBODY. Invite anybody on your friends list that may not have been invited.

We will be meeting at Rolling Hills at 10:45, and depending on how nice the weather is to us, we might be there until 7. (If you need to leave, then that is absolutely okay!)

There will be a group of us meeting at Taco Bell on Michigan Ave. after the park. If you want to stop by, that would be really nice.

For anybody wondering about admittance costs:
Parking: $5
Admittance into park: $6 ($4 after 5pm, but I doubt that
anybody will be coming in at that time)"

They want to do that this Tuesday, which is... the... um. crap.
I think it's the tenth?
This coming Tuesday.
Let me know if you guys want to come, and I'll let Charlotte/Mike know (They're running it).

Also, about doing the skit at the banquet? I'd rather not, personally. My mother wouldn't really approve and I'd feel intensely awkward in front of all the parents.
As for a pre-evening rehearsal practice, explain why we need one in 50 words or less on a written consent form signed by the mayor.
but not really.
I don't really get why we need one...


  1. It wouldn't be a rehearsal, just a meeting. So everyone can hear how everyone else is feeling. Like i said before you and sarah make the choice, i am just an actor.

  2. That makes sense, I suppose. Just like a ten-minutes-before-we-meet-on-the-field thing?
    That would work.