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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mealtime Skits (part zwei)

Hey there, kiddies.

In response to the mealtime skits...
as much as i'd like them to work, i'm not sure how (both logistically and creatively) it would happen.

We would have to scream to be heard in the cafeteria.
It'd involve an enormous loss of free time, what with costumes and organization and such.
It wouldn't get a good response before skit night, and it would be much too chaotic during our last meal.
We would have to sacrifice the quality of the musical number in order to make time to rehearse the mini skits.


sorry, kids, I just don't think it'll work.

Your thoughts?

Meeting no. 2 wrap up!

after our unexpected little surprise, some of us relocated.
It was fun. We got some stuff done.

Whaddaya think? Were we productive? What did you like? What didn't you like?

The more you tell us, the more enjoyable the next rehearsal will be.


also, guys, could you PLEASE leave comments AS YOURSELF? I'm getting really confused trying to figure out who is leaving which comment.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

rare oppurtunities!

Dear Draco,
I believe we talked about staying after in the Band room tomorrow, just for 10-25 minutes to discuss choreography. Hopefully you see this tonight as a reminder.

If any of you want to join us for ideas, and to say what you want or do not want to do, you're welcome to.
Band Room.
Right after school.

Also, Teddy is no longer Goyle. He has been replaced by Nick Reuter, a next-year-sophomore who is fully capable of the scary Goyle voice. Thank you, Nick, for joining, and thanks for trying, Teddy, but that's life.

Also, please check in on this post by comment. When it says, 'choose a profile', pick anonymous or name/url.
then write your name.
thank you.


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Alright, Sarah didn't give you enough information on this, so here's the skinny:

1) Everyone meets, performs in the parade, yaddayaddayadda.
2) Return to that parking lot where we all will turn in uniforms. Make sure you wear shorts and a t-shirt under your uniform because it's looking like a high of 82 and a low of 65.
2.5) We'll wait until everyone has their uniform turned in before we leave. We will not be responsible for a missing uniform.
3) Meet... somewhere. we'll talk about where exactly before the parade, and we'll try and get the word out. For now, just think about looking for me (Paige), Sarah, or Marielle (if she shows up). *If you don't know what we look like, look for other members of the cast, or ask someone*
4) We will take a vote on where to go; Mickey's Dairy Twist or Dairy Queen. I have been informed that the lot where we meet is about in the middle of the two, thus the vote.
5) We will then walk to the winning place. Wear comfortable shoes. If you wear flip-flops, we don't want to hear any complaining.
6) Buy ice cream/slushies/etc. Bring your own money. If you forget, no one will buy you anything. (unless they're nice.)
7) Sit on a bench and discuss where exactly we should go to practice. Have an idea in mind. Is there a park near either of them?
7.5) Someone (probably me) we will bring copies of the script. If you forget yours, don't worry about it.
8) Rehearse.

Since we'll be walking a lot, I don't know how long that should take. Keep a cellular device with your or ask to borrow one because we'll be calling parents/guardian/siblings about getting rides home.

Teddy Heiser, I'm warning you in advance. You agreed to be Goyle. It's planned early enough that you can reschedule 'band practice' if you 'already had that planned'.

Music crew- you don't have to come, but you can. Don't worry about your equipment or anything unless you want to play for us (Aimee). If you bring something, you'll be in charge of it (Aimee).

The only reason that you should not attend is that your family has other things planned. ASK THEM NOW TO MAKE SURE YOU CAN GO.

Alright, I know it sounded kind of mean, but this is important.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quick quiz!

You all know what house your character is in, but where would YOU be sorted?

Me? I'm a Hufflepuff. I'm a particularly good finder.


I find your laughing to be extremely rude.

Leave a comment!

Meet, greet and creep

Wassup, homies?

If you haven't already heard, our next (and 1ST OFFICIAL THAT YOU ARE ALL BEING FORCED TO GO TO) meeting will be after the parade. Look for Malfoy and Ginny after we break. We'll be taking a walk to Dairy Queen for some magical feasts (and pushing Marielle in a wagon.)

See ya there!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Okay, you guys, seriously.

(If you haven't seen the show, don't look at the comments for my pre-show post. Song spoilers live there.)
We have to keep it a secret, so everyone else can experience it in all its gloriousness without preconceived notions of what's going to happen.
I'm mostly concerned about characters, songs, and plot twists.
I'm guilty, you're guilty... but we have to keep it under control.

(sorry if that was ranty. I'm in a bad mood. Too many sans-serif fonts.)

Monday, May 17, 2010

We really have a Harry this time!

... Jim will be Harry.
I'm excited.
Watch the first two parts.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hello, all. It's Ginny!
For those of you that are.... not very observant, our Band Camp skit is based off of a real musical made by UofM Basement (pigf)Arts.
That musical is brilliant, and for those of you that need to see it still, is here:

The students have made it into a sequel, which four of your fellow skit-eers was able to attend last night.
It may have even been better than the first.
We didn't get tickets, so we waited in stand-by for two/three hours. then we almost didn't get in, but we did and we got to sit in the front row, on the floor. The actors stood in front of us, and i mean, like, not even a foot away from us. We got spit on, and i got 'liquor' (water) kicked in my face. And i got to touch *BEEP BEEP BEEP SARAH EDIT! PLOT DETAIL!!!*. it was amazing. amazing amazing amazing.
We've been sworn to secrecy about the plotline, so we can't tell you much.
But after the show, we were able to meet the cast.
which we did. YAY.
It was amazing because they were all so happy people came out to see them, and that we liked, and how we knew their names already and they haven't eve graduated yet.
Joe Walker, Voldie in AVPM, danced the Voldie dance for us.
Hopefully, you won't have to log in to see it, but it's on facebook here.
That may not work, but this may not either:

This should be the photo album.
it was the best night of my life. I can't speak for brenna, Liz, or Malfoy, but I know it was amazing for them as well.

Or not?
Joe Walker - To Dance Again!

I woke up this morning and was like, "Oh, that was such a magnificent dream,"
And then i saw my shoes and shirt they signed and Malfoy's camera and i realized that it ACTUALLY happened.
Best. Day. Ever.
end of story.

A Very Potter Sequel: a spoiler-free review

Incredibly, amazingly, beautifully awesome.
If you have a chance, go tonight.
Who cares that you have school tomorrow?
It (dare I say it?) surpassed the original.
Now, we've been sworn to secrecy, but here's the scoop on what I can tell you...

4:00- we meet at the high school.
4:30- we get lost. I am in full panic mode, but little sister saves the day with GPS.
4:45- we FINALLY arrive and get in standby.
5:00ish- Joey Richter walks by. I squee and everyone in line thinks i'm mentally incompetent.
5:15- Ginny and Cho throw away trash about 20 times in hopes of catching a glimpse of an actor.
5:30- I begin coloring my shoes.
5:45- my father and sister arrive and chill with us.
6:00- We play Go Fish. I lose.
6:15- We play Slappy. I lose.
6:30- the guy sitting next to us breaks out into "I'll Make a Man out of You". We give him high fives.
6:45- Pansy begins singing songs from the first musical, and I retreat into a fetal position, since I still think we have absolutely no chance of getting in and refuse to get excited.
7:00- we're in. HOLY CRAP!

We had great seats. Since we were in standby, they put us wherever they could fit us, which was conveniently located in the front row.
Sitting on the floor.
Within spitting distance of the actors. (We actually did get spit on a few times.)
I began hyperventilating.

The show was amazing.
More awesomer everything.
We bought shirts, but you won't understand them until mid-July.
After the show, we met the actors.
They were all incredibly nice, and seemed thrilled that we wanted them in our hug buckets.
Ginny will upload pictures soon.
The songs are incredible.
The dancing is incredible.
Everyone from the original cast returned, plus some more additions.

Malfoy out!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Very exciting...

Ginny, Cho, and Malfoy might get a chance to meet the- *ahem* - source material tonight.

Strictly for research purposes, I assure you.

Stay tuned.

Malfoy out!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bad News.

Tate says he may not be at Band Camp on the night of skits.

So, just in case, when may need a Harry.

Think of someone.

That is all.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Arts. and Polls.

more to come.

Also, the blog colors have been changed to Slytherin! Want a voice in what next week's color scheme will be? Vote in the poll to the right.


Friday details

First off.
Friday will be super fun.
Get there early if you can.
It's supposed to be yucky weather, so meet in the pavilion if it's raining.
If it's not, meet by the puppet stage (as described 2(?) posts ago).
If you have a script, bring it. If you don't, and you have lots of lines/ are a freak that needs to follow along with the script, print one.
If you're work-a-phobic, no worries-- we'll probably take plenty of breaks. (What's a trip to Mill Pond without a walk up the swingy stairs?)



I'm at school, so I must make this post short.

Basically, Teddy will be playing Goyle, and Tate will be playing Harry.
We have facial confirmation for both of them, so...

More details to come.

Also, if you're taking the AP test on Friday, it's okay if you're late.
And if you need a ride to Mill Pond, talk to one of the following:


Saturday, May 1, 2010

1st read through: THE REAL DATE/TIME



Our first meeting will be Friday, May 7, at Mill Pond from 12:00-1:30. Meet on the big weird first platform thing in the playground(you know, the thing that looks like a puppet show theater, but without the puppets? Yeah. That thing. You can see it right when you come in.)

In case of inclement weather, we will all squeeze into one of those little turrets and make scary Darth Vader breathing noises into the pipe that works like a telephone.


Or we could take shelter in the pavilion, but, you know, not quite as fun...

and yes, I did make the executive decision to throw a time, date and place out there without consulting anyone first. We weren't getting anywhere just noodling around.

So, what'cha think? Can you make it? Not? Bad time? Have an irrational fear of playgrounds? Tell all in the comments!

~ Malfoy