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Friday, April 30, 2010

Creeping Time!

Recently I realized, that if we're going to get together and read through this script, then we need to be able to contact you.
Emails, cell phone numbers, something.
We just need to be able to communicate here.
Some of us are trying, like, seriously trying to make this be totally awesome.
And some of you haven't even checked the blog yet.

That being said, we would enjoy it if you were reachable at some point during the day.
If you send us an email, CHECK YOUR EMAIL EVERYDAY.
Or, you can send us an e-mail with your phone number.
Details on your phone numbers, please. Would you rather get a call or text?

Send e-mail to

Numbers/e-mails I have:

That's really sad, because, well, it just is.
If you want this to be totally awesome,
you have to work for this.

Don't be a fool.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wordle Contest!

Yes, that's right, wordle contest.

A wordle is basically one of these pictures of words, in which the words said the most are the biggest.
Here's one I made by pasting in the script:

Wordle: Band Camp Musical

That looks like code to me, so I'm not sure what it's going to do. Something totally awesome, hopefully.

And because of the lovely Draco, i decided that all readers of this blog get to enter a Wordle contest.
Enter in words somewhat related to this skit we're doing. Or Harry Potter themed, or Band Camp themed.

Here is what you must do:
1. Go to
2. Click 'create'.
3. Enter you words. Remember, the more times you enter them, the bigger they'll be.
4. Click 'Go'.
5. Edit the settings either by right clicking, or clicking on the tabs above the image.
6. Click on 'Save To Public Gallery'.
7. Comment ON THIS POST with the link to your image.
8. Wait anxiously until we close the contest.

1. The words must somehow be tied to Harry Potter and/or Band Camp.

That's it, basically.
You don't have to be in the skit to enter.
You just have to have read this post.

If you win the prize is.....

Ooh, yeah. Go enter.
We will have a post when the end is coming.
But enter!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


make it your background.
make it your screensaver.
be excited.
be very, very excited.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hiya, people!
Ginny (Paige) here!

And now for the lovely thoughts on....
BUH BUH BUUUUUUUM!!! [/dramatic music.]

The original plan was that we all wear white dress shirts with shorts/skirts/pants and the tie of your house colour. But, if one person were forget a shirt, we'd be dead meat.
Because Hogwarts has a uniform code. And we all have to be basically the same.
What if none of us spent any money on dress shirts?
I heard you. Don't pretend you didn't think that.
I'll tell you how.

wait for it.

wait for iiiiiiiit....

Band Camp t-shirts.
The yellow ones, that we all have to bring anyway.
What if we all wore those?
Instead of the Saline logo, we could tape/pin a Hogwarts logo in that place. We'd all still be able to wear ties.
Thinking back, it's not a brilliant idea, but everyone is going to bring shorts and that shirt already. I thinks it's a MOUNTAIN OF EASINESS.
We would not have to worry about packing anything special the night before.
Except for me and Sarah, since we will be bringing the ties, glasses, scar paints, and poster boards. Despite that not really concerning you, it's still a good thing to know, come Band Camp.

Speaking of ties,
You should let us know if you have a Hogwarts tie. Or one that would work for a Hogwarts tie:
Yellow/gold and black; yellow/gold and red/maroon; green/emerald and silver/white; and/or blue and white/silver/bronze.
It'd be very helpful because i figure if we can't scavenge enough of them, I'll end up making them myself. Which is very boring.
Please don't make me go through that.

Essentially, that is it.
If you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas, please comment!
You don't even need an account!
It'd be really helpful to know what everyone thinks.

I hope we reach beyond the possimpible!


Yeah, it's a fact of life. This thing is going to cost some money to do right.

Here's a list of things I KNOW we need to buy:

- Posterboard for signs
- Wig for myself (i'm willing to cover most or all of it, but any help would be loved.)
- random accessories (glasses for Harry, makeup supplies, etc.)

We also may want to invest in some microphones, but again, i'm not getting involved with that unless I need to.

Did I miss anything?

More importantly, where is the money coming from?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mealtime skits

So, Pansy had the brilliant idea of extending our reign of terror to meals. I think it would be pretty hilarious. Here's my ideas:

1) This would only work on Harry Potter day (if we have one; if you have any sway with whoever makes up the theme days, GET THIS DONE) or after skit night. My concern with doing it at a random meal would be that people would just be like, "eh... what? Why is Sarah prancing around on top of a table in a blonde wig?"

2) In order to be heard, we would have to plan it ahead with Mr. Lampman so he'd make people be quiet, or screech bloody murder. Or wear microphones (Matt is now the Microphone Jedi. Just so you know.)

3) We'd have to be in character the whole time, from when we left our rooms to when we got back. We'd all sit together as well, naturally, so people knew that something weird was going on.

I think this has the potential to be (forgive me) TOTALLY AWESOME.

What do you think?


I less than three you, Ginny.

For your perusal and such:

Harry: [slowly]
I’m sick of summer and this waiting around
Man, it’s July, I gotta skip this town.
Hey, it’s no mystery,
There’s nothing here for me now.

I gotta get back to Band Camp
I gotta get back to school
I gotta get myself to Band Camp
Where everyone knows I’m cool.

Back to Marching and playing and aching feet
To sunshine and squirt guns and magical feasts
It’s all that I love and it’s all that I need at
Band Camp! Band Camp!
I think I’m going back.

I’ll see my friends, gonna laugh ‘til we cry
Go to McDonald’s and order some fries
No way this week anyone’s gonna die
And it’s gonna be totally awesome!

Won’t go to sleep, gonna stay up ‘til dawn
Hang up some pictures that I’ve drawn
And do I all with my best friend Ron
‘Cause together, we’re totally awesome!

Ron: [entering]
Yeah, ‘cause together, we’re totally awesome!
Did somebody say Ron?

Harry: Ron! What are you doing here?!
Ron: Picking you up for band Camp, of course!
Harry: Cool!
Ron: So grab your stuff, and let’s go!

It’s been so long, but we’re going back
Don’t go to work– I just come for the snacks
Hopefully this year I won’t get smacked
By Hermione
But that was awesome!

Harry and Ron:
This year we’ll take everyone by storm
Stay up all night, sneak out of our dorm
Hermione: [sneaking up behind the two]
Let’s not forget that we need to work hard on our drill
And practice our marching skills!

Ron: Aw, Hermione, why’d you have to be such a buzzkill?!
Hermione: Because, guys, Band Camp’s not all about fun and games! We need to work hard if we want to be good role models for the freshmen, and not make fools of ourselves!
Ron: I never made a fool of-
Hermione: Ron, last year, you tripped over a pylon and broke your trombone.
Ron: I-
Hermione: You put Colin McCune in the hospital when you tried to do suicides.
Ron: That-
Hermione: You made Dumbledore deaf in one year when you were practicing “God Save The Queen”!
Harry: [giggles]
Hermione: Ugh!

You guys don’t get how great we could be
If we would practice diligently
You’re just here to screw around-
Yep, that’s me!-
But you guys, that’s not totally awesome!

This week I plan to practice a lot
That would be cool if you were actually hot!
Hey Ron, c’mon, we’re the only friends that she’s got!
And that’s cool
And that’s totally awesome!
Harry, Ron, and Hermione:
Yeah, it’s so cool, yeah, it’s totally awesome!

We’re sick of summer and this waiting around
It’s like we’re sitting in the lost and found
Don’t take no sorcery for anyone to see how

Gotta get back to Band Camp!
We gotta get back to school!
We gotta get ourselves to Band Camp!
Where everything is Magi-cool!

Back to Marching and playing and aching feet
Back to sunshine and squirt guns and magical feasts
It’s all that I love and it’s all that I need at
Band Camp! Band Camp!
I think we’re going back

Ginny: [rushing in]
Roooon! You were supposed to take me to Madame Opaleski’s for my uniform fitting, and use those sickles mom gave you for my gloves!
Harry: Oh, who’s this?
Ron: This is stupid little dumb sister Ginny; she’s a freshman. Ginny, this is Harry. Potter. He’s Harry potter.
Ginny: You’re Harry Potter! You’re the Boy Who Lived!
Harry: …And you’re Ginny.
Ginny: It’s Ginevra.
Harry: Umm. I’ll stick with Ginny.
Ron: Stupid sister! Don’t crowd the famous friend!
Hermione: Do you guys hear music?
Ron: Yeah, someone’s coming.

Cho, Pansy, and Lavender:
Cho Chang
Domo Arigato
Cho Chang
Gung Hay Fat
Choy Chang
Happy happy new year
Cho Chang!

Ginny: Whoa, who’s that?
Harry: [flustered]
That’s, uh, that’s Cho Chang.
Ron: That’s the girl Harry’s totally been in love with since freshman year.
Hermione: But he won’t say anything to her.
Ron: Well, you never tell a girl you like her! It makes you look like an idiot!
Ginny: [to Lavender]
Konnichiwa, Miss Cho Chang, I am Ginny Weasley. It is good to meet you.
Lavender: Hon, I ain’t Cho Chang.
Ron: That’s Lavender Brown! Racist sister!
Cho: Hey, hey. Aw, It’s alright. I’m Cho Chang, y’all.
Harry: She’s so perfect!
Ron: Yeah, too bad she’s dating Cedric Diggory, though.
Harry: Cedric? Who’s Cedric Diggory?!

Cedric: [entering, pushing over Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny.]
Cho Chang
I am so in love with
Cho Chang
From Bangkok to
I’ll sing my love aloud for
Cho Chang! [Cho, Pansy, Lavender, and Cedric exit]

Harry: I hate that guy! That stupid, baby-faced jerk!
Malfoy: [entering in the arms of Goyle]
Did somebody say Draco Malfoy?
Harry: Malfoy, what do you want?
Malfoy: So, Potter, returned for another week at Band Camp, have you? Maybe this time you’ll wisen up and hang out with a musician of higher caliber.
Harry: Listen, Draco, Ron and Hermione are my best friends in the world. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
Malfoy: Have it your way. [to Ginny:] Wait, come here. Don’t tell me. Red hair, hand me down clothes, and a stupid complexion. You must be a Weasley.
Ron: Hey, lay off her, Malfoy! She may be a pain, okay, but she’s my pain. [To Ginny:] Now, are we gonna get that uniform or not?
Ginny: Okay, okay, let’s go! [Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny exit.]
Malfoy: Oh, isn’t this cute? It’s like a little loser family! Hogwarts really has gone to the dogs. But luckily next year, I’ll be transferred to Pigfarts!

This year you bet, gonna get out of here.
The reign of Malfoy is drawing near.
Everyone will have a reason to fear
And it’s gonna be totally awesome!
Look out world, for the dawn of the day,
When everyone will do whatever I say
And Potter won’t be in my way
And then I’ll be the one who is totally awesome!
Yeah, you’ll be the one who is totally awesome!

Hermione: Come on, guys, we’re gonna miss the train!

Who knows how fast this week’s gonna go
Hand me a bowl, let the ice cream flow.
Maybe at last, I’ll talk to Cho!
Oh no, that’d be way too awesome!
We’re back to learn everything that we can
It’s great to come back to where we began
And here we are, and ALAKAZAM!
Here we go, this is way too awesome!

Come on and teach us everything you know
The waiting’s over and we’re itching to go
I think it’s time to see
Our great Lampdaddy!

All: [vocalization]

Welcome all of you to Band Camp
Welcome all of you to school
Did you know that here at Band Camp
We have an awesome swimming pool?
[spoken] Open one day only.
Welcome, welcome, welcome
Band Camp
Welcome hotties, nerds and tools
Now that I’ve got you here at Band Camp
I’d like to go over a couple of rules.
My name is Nate Lampman, and I am the marching Band director here at Hogwarts. Now, first thing’s first. Who’s twenty dollar bill is this?
Malfoy: Mine!
Lampdaddy: Ha! Ten push-ups!
Malfoy: What?! [does push-ups]
Lampdaddy: Let’s continue. You must eat, get to bed on time, and drink lots of water. Remember, naptime is a privilege, not a right!

Back to Marching and playing and aching feet
To sunshine and squirt guns and magical feasts
It’s all that I love and It’s all that I need at
Band Camp! Band Camp!

Back to singing
And dancing
And friends!

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny:
To Gryfindor!
Cho, Pansy, and Lavender:
Malfoy, Goyle, and Crabbe:

Back to the place where our story begins at
Band Camp!
Band Camp!

Lampdaddy: I’m sorry, what’d you say?

Band Camp! Band Camp!

Lampdaddy: I didn’t hear you kids!

Band Camp! Band Camp!

Man, I’m glad I’m back!



It's going to be hard to do a musical number based off a musical that's based off the Harry Potter books without a Harry Potter.

Do you have any friends that...
- are male?
- are in marching band?
- look somewhat like Harry Potter? (i'm talking similar hair color, people, not a stunt double.)
- can carry a tune?

If so, talk to them! Bug them! Show them the script!

( Which Paige has, at the moment. You may have seen it around. It's a purple notebook covered in stickers... haven't seen it? No? Well, you will soon enough. There should be a copy posted online sometime soon.)

If you have any ideas, or have found a Harry for us, please post a comment!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

First read-through dates

YET ANOTHER EDIT: Right now, the best option looks like meeting for lunch next Friday at a restruant or something. Whatcha think?

ANOTHER EDIT: Or something. Perhaps Mill Pond?

Previously, there had been a post here about a possible first read-through date on the 7th after school, until it was pointed out to me that we don't HAVE school. So, yeah. That'd be a problem.

Now the plan has shifted once again. Would you rather...

1) meet for 20-30 minutes after school sometime next week?
2) meet at someone's house next Friday? (probably mine.)
3) meet in a dark alleyway in the dead of night? (eh, probably not the best plan.)

Be sure to comment here (you shouldn't need an account, just enter your name/part and comment) so we can decide what to do.

It's gonna be totally awesome!

Welcome and official cast list

Hello, dear readers!

I see that you have found A Very Band Camp Musical's official blog.

That's good.

Umm... yeah.

I kind of used up all my pep in the Facebook letter.

Make sure you don't miss any posts, because they might contain important information. Or they might just contain something I thing is funny. Both will be valuable assets to you.



(we are not posting your name until we get a confirmation from your face.)

Harry: Tate
Ron: Nathan
Hermione: Shelby
Ginny: Paige
Malfoy: Sarah
Crabbe: other Sarah
Goyle: Teddy
Cho: Liz
Cedric: Matt
Pansy: Brenda (You know who I am discussing, do you not?)
Neville: Saralyn
Lampdaddy: Mr. Lampman

I think that's everyone. Post if I missed you!